Friday, March 25, 2011

Faux necklace T-shirt

My daughter wanted to wear the flower in her hair.  I used a bit of velcro on the flower.  We can use it  for her hair or her top :)

I came across this awesome blog

Right away I had to try this fun technique out.  I used what I had on hand.  I used a hand me down white t-shirt just to practice on.  Next time I try this I am going to get a nicer quality T-shirt.  I think it is cute for my first try.  Thank you to Kelly over at living craftily ever after for the inspiration and great tutorial!

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  1. Super cute! How does the velcro flower work?

  2. Oh I put a little bit of sticky velcro on the back of the flower then I put the other piece of sticky velcro on the T-shirt... the sticky part is just sticky enough it will come off easily if you pry it off. Then I took that sticky part that was on the top and stuck it on a hair clip then stuck the flower on that. Does that make sense? lol sorry if it is confusing. The flower is WAY easy to make.
    I found a great tutorial to make it by cutting out circles out of polyester fabric, heat the edges with a flame and they wilt just like real petals :) I hand sewed the layers of petals together, added a little faux peal and we were done. Thanks for the comment!