Thursday, August 8, 2013

New house

So happy to have a house to raise my kids in :)

Wow, it has been two years since I last logged into blogger.  It has been a whirlwind to say the least.  My family and I moved to three different homes in this time.  The third home is hopefully our forever home.  We bought our first house in January, 2013.  What a stressful time escrow is!!  My husband is active duty Coast Guard.  With that we used the VA mortgage loan.  Basically with the VA loan we did not have to come up with a down payment.  There is a 2% funding fee to use the VA.  ....and oh boy is the underwriter just as scrutinizing as any other regular lender.  ....and they really should be this strict with giving out mortgages.  We are so happy it all worked out and love our 3.2% interest rate locked in for 30 years.  You see for fifteen years we lived in Coast Guard owned housing or rented small condos.  We have our first backyard and a real unattached house!
My posts will now be a little more about the progress on our house and yard.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

My first sewing project

I learned to sew today!  Yipee!!  I am so excited I finally figured it out.  My MIL sent me a sewing machine for my birthday last October.  I wanted to learn but I felt intimidated as I have never been around a sewing machine before.  Thanks to a couple of great youtube videos I now can sew.  Last week I took my three year old daughter to Joann's fabric.  She picked out these two fabrics, and I set out determined this time to learn to sew her a bag for her ballet stuff.  I followed a wonderful tutorial.  It is a reversible bag 13.5"x14".  The only thing I messed up on is the straps.  I put them on wrong.  But, I am still proud of my first sewing project.  I learned how not to do the straps on the next bag.  I just finished it and Addison is sleeping.  I can't wait for her to see it in the morning.  Oh, I cut out the flower and the letter "A" on my cricut.  So fun, so easy, and I am looking forward to my next sewing project :)

Here is my inspiration and the tutorial I followed...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp Fire cake

My son's 11th birthday is tomorrow.  In the morning we are taking him into the city and doing the Alcatraz tour.  Tomorrow night he is having a camp out in our backyard.  I made this cake for the camp fire birthday party.

It was so easy to make!  Isn't it cute!  Here is where I found this cute idea...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Patriotic wreath

Happy 4th of July!!  Here is a festive wreath I put together. 
Try not to notice how dirty that little window in the door is. 
This is a dollar store wreath wrapped in yarn.  I used my cricut to cut out the stars.
Now we have something festive for the fourth :)  Have a great day!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Patriotic jello dessert

Isn't this so pretty and all patriotic?!  It was tasty, too.  My sister had a birthday yesterday and I took this over for dessert.  It was a hit :)  If you want to make this here is the recipe:

1 package (3oz) Berry Blue gelatin
2 Cups boiling water, divided
1 Cup fresh blueberries
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1 Cup heavy whipping cream
5 TBSP Sugar
2 Cups sour cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 package (3oz) raspberry gelatin
1 Cup fresh raspberries
Whipped topping and additional berries, optional.

In a large bowl, dissolve berry blue gelatin in 1 cup boiling water; stire in one cup cold water.  Add blueberries.  Pour in 3 quart serving bowl.  I used my trifle bowl.  Refrigerate until firm- at least one hour. 

Meanwhile in a saucepan, sprinkle unflavored gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water: let stand for one minute.  Add the cream and  sugar; cook and stir over low heat until gelatin and sugar are completely dissolved.  Cool to room temperature.  Whisk in sour cream and vanilla.  Spoon over the blue layer.  Refrigerate until firm.

In a large bowl, dissolve raspberry gelatin in remaining hot water; stir in remaining cold water.  Add raspberries.  Spoon over cream layer.  Chill until set.  Garnish with whipped topping and additional berries if desired.  Enjoy!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paper Rosettes

I love these little paper rosettes.  Okay I think there are two little felt rosettes pictured here but most of them are made from paper.  I punched the shape out with my flower punch.  Then I cut in a spiral and rolled into a rosette then finished it off with a glue dot.  I wanted to show more pictures of the process but our weather has been awful thus equalling terrible quality photos.  I have a plan for these black rosettes and they will be back in another post.  Have a great night!


Friday, June 3, 2011


My friend Arlene makes several different tasty Chimichurri sauces.  My favorite is the Mango Tango.  I use it for so many dishes.  I used Mango Tango this evening on Salmon.  It was delicious!

Baked Salmon on Arugula
What you need:
3 Cups Arugula
1 Corn on the cob
1 red bell pepper
Mimimcurrys Mango Tango Chimichurri sauce

Preheat oven to 375.  The first thing I did when I made this dish was put the Red Bell Pepper in the oven about thirty minutes before the salmon went in the oven.  I drizzle olive oil on the red bell pepper as well as salt and pepper.  When roughly 30 minutes have passed take bell pepper out of the oven.  Place bell pepper in a plastic bag or plastic wrap.  This helps the skin to come off easily.  Bake Salmon for 18 minutes.  While the salmon is baking spread your washed fresh Arugula on a plate or platter.  This is a little tip I just tried and it worked great!  I put my corn in husk in the microwave for 45 seconds.  The corn was so good.  I cut off the corn with a knife.   Then, I chopped the red bell pepper and tossed it and the corn together.  This made a yummy, lovely, and quick add in for the arugula salad.  When the salmon is ready place it on the bed of arugula salad.  Add Mango Tango Chimichurri sauce and serve.  Enjoy!  

Side note: I like to take Mimimcurrys Mango Tango Chimichurri out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter for about 20 minutes until it is room temperature.

Check out all the different sauces Arlene makes over at